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        China Metal manufacturing Synergy Group  is a professional company specialized in 

making all kinds of sheet metal products, metal stamping products,aluminum extrusion 

processing products and metal machining.

        Our company has a machining processing factory, aluminum extrusion factory and a 

sheet metal factory, 3 factories worked together, set up a new trade company. We have 

more than 10 years of industrial processing experience, we are good at make all kinds 

base on drawing from customer, and also we are familiar with all kinds of surface finish.

Our mission is providing high quality products of metal parts for small and medium 

customer in the world. Our aims to become a world class supplier of custom manufacturing 

projects for metal products, and become your most reliable supply chain partner in China.

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Hotline: 86-18001602705


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Before and after delivery 0-6 months

  • Crafts

    From the process under a magnifying glass

    Golden Eagle Wang Furniture endless pursuit of beauty, devoted to furniture production with unbounded form, infinity color space to make art products reach infinity in ergonomics and color-rich, no one can out of his right, in the form of furniture , color, light, Ze, arts are to the limit.


    13 years of industry experience in the design of public seating

    Golden Eagle Wang Furniture design team combines ergonomics, engineering mechanics and people living people's lives, habits, integration of modern aesthetic art, and gradually formed a development unique brand of public seating, guide the market mainstream industry.

  • Quality

    Government organs and institutions of the units designated service providers

    Golden Eagle Wang Furniture 13 years focused on airport chair, waiting chair, transfusion chair factory custom sales, for the major merchants to provide quality products. Customer service is part of Beijing Capital International Airport, Haikou Meilan Airport, Shenzhen Airport, Bank of China, Agricultural Bank, Ping An Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Shenzhen Second People's Hospital, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and other major hospitals in more than 5,000 units.


    The first high-end "OSO" service

    Golden Eagle Wang's first high-end furniture under the "OSO" service, an exclusive one on one exclusive online and offline service, online network in the Golden Eagle palace You can stay at home to start the website found your favorite product, our customer service to provide you with exclusive You can enjoy from online to offline seamless docking, help you find your favorite products. You can acquire a sample, after shopping.

  • Qualification

    Third-party certification authority

    Golden Eagle Wang Furniture is the only company in the industry has the disposable molded, seamless docking eleven patented product and has ISO14001 environmental certification, ISO9001 quality certification, the China Furniture Association director, member of the Chinese aviation airport furniture, Chinese Medical Association member of China shipbuilding Industry Association.


    Improve the service quality and quantity-time delivery system

    Once the orders immediately start, factory delivery to ensure the safety (long-term cooperation with large domestic logistics) more timely delivery, the number of products is thus guaranteed.

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